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Yin's Yang, Yang's Yin, Complete Shadow.

Darkness hides in all light, as light dwells in all Darkness.

There is Good in every Evil, just as there is Evil in every Good.

Every Hatred and Prejudice has it's own sense of Purity just as every Purity has it's taint.

There is a certain truth to every lie, just as every lie holds in it's grasp complete truth.

How can Good truly destroy Evil?

By definition, Good is the Absence of Evil, yet without Evil, Good has no form.

How can Evil finally triumph over Good?

So long as there are those with the will for peace, there will always be Good, yet peace is the Absence of War, so just as there will always be Peace, there will always be War.

Cast away the Barriers that Bind apart Light and Darkness to allow the Shadows of truth to take form.