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Article 1.A : What is Chi? - Written September 13th 2003, 10:23 PM EST.

Chi, Pronounced Khi, commonly written as Ki or Chi. From the Chinese (Mandarin) meaning air, spirit, energy of life.

Chi is the force within you that keeps you alive. It flows along 2 pathways called Meridians intersecting at the Heart Chakra, locating in the Upper chest. This Force flows with both Positive and Negative forms, equally important.

Your Chi flows within your body along 2 Primary pathways. Your Vital Meridian, and your Secondary Meridian. The Chi that flows through your Vital Meridian flows through 7 Vital Chakras, between the Abdomen and the crown of your head. The Chi that flows through your Secondary Meridian flows between the palm of one hand to the other. Through your hands you physically interact with the world, and through your hands your Chi can be directed into the world. For this reason, your hands are seen to have Secondary Chakras on the palms.

A Third Meridian also exists from one foot flowing to the other, intersecting at the Base Chakra . This is not a commonly accepted view, given that we pay little attention to our legs when working with Chi, however, this Third Meridian does exist. It is proven by the simple fact that our bodies require Chi to function. Just as Secondary Chakras are seen to exist in your hands, so too do they exists within our Feet.

The distinction between Vital and Secondary Meridians would be the fact that we cannot live with our Vital, but we can live without our secondary.

Although Chi is the force that sustains the life of our bodies, this force is useful in other ways, as will be explained in future articles.