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Article 2.A : What is a Soul? - Written September 14th 2003, 5:36 PM EST.

A soul is born within the celestial womb as a formless seed, waking from a state of nothingness to a state of awareness. From here, the seed yearns for experience, it sees an eternity of possibilities, and so begins on the path of life.

Buried deep within the roots are the core of it's existence, a being that is aware of all that it has ever experienced, and plans for each new lesson to be learned.

From the Roots, grows forth 2 Mighty Trees, Twin beings that are seemingly separate, but just as much the same. The trunk of each tree holds the Persona and affinities of the soul, each trunk having traits the other is lacking so to maintain a sense of balance and integrity.

These 2 trunks are all that they are at the beginning, still somewhat formless, when they begin the Path of life.

Then conception...

The Trunks are born in 2 different bodies, and, in turn, a branch grows to reflect the experiences learned within life. With each life experienced, new branch of experience grows, and as lesson after lesson is learned, the soul matures into 2 mighty trees.

Although they are the same soul, at the same time they are different beings, for each Tree has walked a different path... yet regardless of this perspective separation, these twins long for each others embrace, they long to be as one, and some souls, in turn, spend entire life times reaching for this other.


Sadly, upon grasping the new experiences found in life, the soul falls into a deep sleep, forgetting it's own roots - yet deep within the roots, the soul remains aware, and continues to orchestrate it's own path of learning - but when a Branch chooses to quiet it's own mind, it becomes aware of other branches, and, in time, aware of it's own roots.