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"Story of Stars"

Everyone is the Hero of ones own story. The one person relied upon to finish the book. But it's only when you recognize the aid of other stories, do you complete you own.

There are as many stories as the stars in the sky, and every star is a Sun which many worlds revolves around, and each star bringing joy to the worlds of other stars long after it has past. Each star having it's own path For every story, there is a unique path,

There is no one orbit. No one path for a Star to take. Some stars may cross paths, but never stay along side. Stars that meet along it's separate paths meet again when a circle is met.

Some stars never meet again, having finished the book. Some books never end, as the writer can't seem to find an ending.

Some stars have a twin, who revolves around each other in Balance. These stars are eternally bound and share an orbit. Though of separate stories, they are of the same book. One story may be written different then the other, but they share an ending.

Some stars form groups. These groups all unite in the way they orbit. They always cross and meet one way or another And always have the same star that Guides them all

Some Groups form groups. These clusters, with no relation in the Goals of each star, Unite in the relation of their star. Even a star's star has it's story.

Even the Stars from which countless others are born Has a path to take. These Great Stars have books of their own These books becoming the first in a library standard.