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This is my first ritual performed in front of a large group of people. It was during Antoinette's Psychic Meetings. When I noticed Sandi taking pictures with her camera, I was already drawing some circles over my head while laying back and then though, "I wonder what they would look like on film." so I asked her to take some pictures, and as I got more and more into it, it grew into something much bigger than I intended.

Photographer: Sandi T. Vail

Practitioner: Elliander

Date: 8-17-2007

The time stamps are from the Camera that took them. CST. However, all of the original pictures were too large in quality to display so I reduced them by half. On Photos of interest, from the original quality images, I cropped out and zoomed in from the originals so they should appear at high quality.

Be sure to read the captions in sequence so you know what I am doing :)


Having Drawn the energy circle with my hands, I begin drawing the points together using my staff.