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"Quest through Death"

Once upon a moonless night,
the rain was strong as the heavens fight,
the willows weep as the children scream,
The end is near, Dark Creatures Sneer.

Awoke by day the vision clear,
filled with grief I tell the seer.

An Ominous time I must omit,
I opt a change, I should admit.

The runes reply,
I can't deny.

To save the light,
embrace the night.

Can I truly start anew,
While those I love save their doom?

If I die, three by three,
and live the life of those I see,
Can I change, or would I be,
a victim of this tragedy?

From her arms I take my leave,
I feign from tears but she can see.

My path is set,
So mote is be,
an oath I take,
three by three.

As I partake my fearful quest,
the well of Wyrd begins it's test.

Astray of life the darkness calls.
My mind is lost, my spirit falls.

I fall throughout infinity,
Who will come to set me free.

A mother's tears to I awake,
I cried so this world would shake.

Life was harsh in Poverty,
but naught prepared my Blasphemy.

in fire I plea for mercy be,
but I could not seem, confess to thee.

I Confess instead, Alfheim I see,
with my last breath Blasphemy.

Death it seems has set my free,
A life anew has blessed me.

A captain upon the seven seas,
the winds of change has shown to me.

I sail upon the great expanse,
in Maine I find my peace at last.

At shore I make my greatest deed,
A life was saved, thanks to me.

I entered the cave selflessly,
the wights forsake me heedlessly.

The tides grew high,
my time was nigh.

With one last breath,
I swam from death.

I fought oh so relentlessly,
for death has come to set me free.

Upon it's touch the water lost,
my body too had paid it's cost.

A life anew has cursed me,
Or so it should seem to thee.

I live as one with Enmity,
I walk the path of Tragedy,

And so I close,
yet to complete,
The Quest that has been lost to me.