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"Life and Death"

Life and Death are intertwined,
I am as such thus defined,

An endless dance to careless prance,
From aging wrinkles to youthful twinkles,
A death with gloom brings living blooms.

Until decay it shall remain,
that every meal I do conceal,
that life has lost to pay my cost.

But death in turn remains to yearn,
so death forsakes it's highest stakes,

The cycle grows before to know,
that death abstains to make a claim,

so life's new foe becomes it's own,
when life grows high it's time is nigh,

deception's roll takes it's toll,
disaster strikes upon the likes,

The fires grow from high to low,
so life then yearns for deaths return,

Death awakes forsaking few,
a world in turn starts anew.

And so completes this spiral form,
From within all are torn.