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"Invocation of Fate"

Oh Eldest Urd, you Heard my Word.
Verdandi of now, resound my Vow.
To skuld I wake, tomorrows Fate.

Oh Norns of Three Review my Plea. I beg of thee To set me free.

I must Exact My sacred Pact.

The arms of Love seem out of Reach, compassion's Dove to I beseech.

Forever Still It is my will,
I made a Pact it is a Fact,
That even Fate whom I elate,
Must endow the righteous vow.

The clarity of Night brings Verity to Light,
For Beams of Light brings dreams to Sight.

The mirth of Veer can birth a Seer,
and with my Sight I find the Might,

To take to sail across the veil.

There is no cage to hold this sage,
There is no Bane within my Vain.


So hear my plea oh fates I see,

Blessed be I will be free.