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Trapped within my weary mind, this inner light is clearly kind.
My shattered role and battered soul, rips apart my very heart

by every life that I once knew, the Darkness fed and so it grew.
It bound my light, I lost the fight.
Must this life be one with strife?

I mourn within, I'm born without,
I scream in flight, for Dreams of light.

for help I've cried, my tears have lied.,
for all I've tried, my patience died.

to the skies I do beseech, for a mind beyond my reach;
and with a storm I am reborn, without the scorn of my reform

The ancient Wonders Newly Found,
the call of Thunder Leers a Sound,
and casts Asunder the years I've Bound.

the light returned, as I have yearned.
with peace of mind, the light I find.