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All across my peaceful home, A looming shade began to roam.

The land grew dark the sky was stark, With it's lain a world new Bane.

The peaceful songs that bring no wrong, Left the land by wars demand

One by one the kingdoms fell, Brought about by Shadow spell

Few were heroes of this time, For Evil seemed to be in Prime

Defending crowns that stood to fight, were cast down by shadows might.

I faced the sky asking why, Light abound could not be found

Alone I stood against this plight, I did not wish to face my fight

All I wanted for was peace, When will all this fighting cease?

I plead for Bael to end his Ill, I did not wish to make this kill

To no avail my words did fail, I had no choice despite my voice

With a sword in my left hand, And the sky by my command

Our swords did clash, We moved in Dash, as thunder crashed, and Lightning Flashed

Without Fail I struck down Bael

The Fight was won but not my Plight, This night was yet to leave my sight.