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"Fate's Compassion"

Wind and rain collide at night, Thoughts and feelings thus unite.

In my eyes a flash is born, the earth must ache for heaven's torn.

The sky seems filled with all my tears, I realize my greatest fears.

Worlds apart I face my heart, This soul of mine has torn apart.

The sands of time forsake my rhyme, The past I claim is filled with pain.

The darkness calls, the sky thus falls, This poets mind is thus defined.

But hope still lingers in my fingers, There's still a note left to wrote.

A future still devoid of chill, Is shown before it's ever known.

Like molding clay, I've yet to say, nothing ever stays the same.

The darkness quakes for dawn awakes, and with it's presence I'm filled with essence.

I see love's fires and am thus inspired.

A great new fashion is Fate's compassion.

The only reasons come with seasons,

And as my winter comes to close, I behold the beauty of a rose.