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Gently upon the Heather fields, the flowers fall a subtle rain.
Their petals dance upon the wind, and from my view they rescind.
Upon the sky a wondrous sight, the stars have come to give their light.
as the moon at full brings it's day, of Silver beams not far away.

Searching now for all these years, Still denied I shed my tears.
From my eyes comes forth the rain,

Reaching through a sky of Dreams where all is more than what it seems
From across a sea of noise there can be heard a Silent voice.
She calls to me within my heart, for that is what has played a part,
and speaks her way without the words, and brings to heart a loving world.

As the stars above us loom, I reach within and find our bloom
This Rose would seem so very frail, though stands against the mighty Gale

There amidst that starry scape, her voice has come to take a shape
A fading tune upon the moon, a loving song where I belong.
The sound of leaves upon the tress, or quiet hums of beating drums.

Our beating hearts begin to grow, for these two Drums have come to flow
Deep within that nest of stars, far beyond this quest of ours.

Our shadows play upon the land, for on the sky we've come to stand.
From that Mystic point of view, through the clouds of silver hue.
We hold on to each other long, blending fast becoming strong
My lips meet hers in true embrace, as the winds grants us their grace

Still not done, but I am working on it... slowly...