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"Curse of Crow"

Tis Absurd, Cried the Bird". To the Mage who burned a Sage. "What will you do when the fire's through?"

"I Will be wise, so sooth you cries."

"What a blast, like that'll last!"

"What should know, a lousy crow. You shall avow, as I will show, I'll fash a sash from it's Ash!"

"You've much to learn, you cursed mage! With little care you burned my Sage! M very Home, with every Tome, You burned to feed your Avid need!"

"I did not know, you wise old crow...."

"You still don't know, you are so low! You must regrow all I know, or feel my curse upon your purse!"

"I haven't the Age to grow a Sage!"

"It takes a Sage to be a Mage, so learn the Rhyme of Growing Time."